Sunday, 25 December 2016

Remember This???

Remember my little experiment with the different pigments and varnishes on the Powertex goblin house, well here it is still in its original spot in the garden 3 months later. It's weathered torrential rain, frost, drizzle, wind, sleet and sun and probably a lot lot more.

And I have to say, it's still as good as the day it went out there.

The colours are still as vibrant as they were before it was put outside.

All the pieces of lace etc have kept their shape.

And the clay figure heads which were covered in Powertex and coloured in pigment have stood up to the test very well too.

I shall put it back in the shrubbery and check on it again in another 3 months. But I am impressed with how everything has stood up to the elements and can safely say that all pigments and varnishes used in original post are weather proof. You can see the original post here where all the different products are listed.

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