Monday, 5 December 2016

Powertex Heart

I dipped pieces of kitchen roll into ivory Powertex and scrunched it onto the mdf heart to create texture. Once completely covered I pressed in two clay skulls, a wooden skull and a wooden half a circle. Then I sprayed with what I thought was going to be black Bister, but when it came out the bottle, it was actually a dark green.

It took an age to dry but I think that's probably because I absolutely saturated the kitchen roll with the Bister.

This was how it looked after being left to dry for 48 hours. It had gone really, really light.

Next I mixed some green Powertex pigment with media satin varnish and dry brushed over the kitchen roll.

I'm not sure if you can actually see the deeper colours, but next I went in with some patina pigment and again dry brushed all of the kitchen roll area.

And the final layer was Powertex rich gold pigement mixed with media satin varnish. I also went over the embellishments with the gold too.

I tried to capture the shimmer in the bit of sun we had but I'm not sure that I've achieved it!

Captured in the sun but from another angle.

Still haven't been able to catch up on the day time Powertex programmes as Hochanda haven't sorted them out yet!!!


Helen said...

the heart with the skulls embedded (which are fab!) is just great. A truly gorgeous textural piece.

chrissie said...

Such amazing ideas Sam and the piece looks wonderful

Love Chrissie xx

Sid said...

Very textured and dimensional Sam !!

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