Sunday, 8 November 2015

Powertex Workshop with Steph

I've just come back from a fabulous three hour taster workshop with Steph using Powertex and other products. Here is Steph explaining the Powertex and what we are going to do today. I met Lesley there and another couple of lovely ladies, Sandra and Lorna were booked on too.

And down at the other end of the table, Steph explaining which bits of fabric work well and which are a bit more awkward, but do-able.

Steph showing us how to get the most out of the product.

And then checking that everything is covered, more dipping required!

Once she was happy with the coverage she started to mould it around the bottle and add creases etc to create texture and ruffles.

And further down the bottle adding creases and more moulding going on.

This is my workspace, I'd been at the end of the table and gathered my supplies. Now unfortunately there aren't any more photos of the next steps as I had to ditch the gloves as they were way too big, so I just went in directly with my hands!!

And here are the ladies touching up their bottles before they go into the make shift dryer to assist in drying the Powertex to harden the fabric.

Lesley just touching hers up.

Then she decided it needed some 3d balls.

Here is a close up of the mini 3d balls along the bottom of the bottle and the white ones on the table are ready to be painted and attached.

Once they'd been suitably dried Steph gave us a demo of using the pigments and the dry brushing to help bring out the textures.

This is my finished bottle, or I thought it was.....

I then went back in with an ultra marine blue and added more pigments.

This is the front of Lesleys, she used green and silver for her hi-lights.

And this is the back, she got some fab wrinkles and lovely texture.

And these are the other two ladies, Lorna's on the left and Sandra's on the left. They both got some fab texture and now I've seen them, I think on the bronze the goldly colours of metallics work better.

And Lesleys on the left and mine on the right.

Next Steph showed us how the Bisters and Ivory Powertex combined could be used to create a crackle.

Then she started to heat it with a hair dryer.

And then getting in a bit closer with the hair dryer and if you look carefully you can just see it starting to crack.

I love how you have total control over the amount of crackle you can get with these products.

These are some of the samples hanging on Stephs wall which she kindly let me take photos of to share on the blog with you all.

An altered bird house.

A fabulous sculpture, this is gorgeous in real life. The one you can see next to it is made using 3d flex and it has been stamped and stencilled, it looks fab too.

This piece was just stunning, with all sorts going on. 

This is a close up of some of the textures on the above piece.

Lesley, it was fab to see you again and I'm so pleased you enjoyed it. It was lovely to meet Sandra and Lorna and a huge thank you to Steph for explaining everything and answering all my questions.

If you are wondering about doing a class, I'd say 'do it'. It's fabulous, Steph is lovely and nothing is too much trouble. She is in the middle of moving to premises in Sheffield, so drop her an email if you fancy it - this is her contact email


Helen said...

great review, it looks like you had loads of fun. The finished results are amazing.

Lin said...

oh my word Sam this is gorgeous!!! looks like you had a wicked time...glad you asked loads of questions cos now we can ask you lol!! I really want to have a couple of days just to play with this stuff!! xxx

Claire said...

Wow this stuff looks amazing! I'd never heard of it before til I saw your blog post about Glasgow - looks pretty messy tho! X

craftimamma said...

Thanks for doing such a fab report on our workshop Sam and I'm so glad you asked me. It was brilliant! My OH was a bit taken aback when I showed him what we'd done as I don't think he'd seen anything like it but he was very impressed especially. Lorna and Sandra were lovely ladies to spend the class with and Steph could not have been nicer or more accommodating. I think she really got us all fired up for more and like you I would recommend her workshops to anyone.

It was a treat to see you again Sam and I most certainly did enjoy it!

Lesley Xx

jojo79 said...

Wow your bottle looks amazing. Like claire I had never heard of this product before but it looks fab, will have to investigate


chrissie said...

This looks amazing with such great creations Sam. You find the most interesting things

Love Chrissie xx

Pinksparklegirl said...

What a fabulous workshop, makes me even more excited for January now lol.

Etsuko Noguchi said...

Wow!! amazing creations Sam! It is very interested and you have fun. xx

craftytrog said...

Looks like great stuff, the bottles are all amazing! x

Hazel Agnew said...

Looks fab Sam....must dust off my Powertex bottles! xx

Ruth said...

Yes a great review Sam, sounds like a perfect workshop, I've heard so much about this product and think you and Lesley have made 2 beautiful creations. Wonderful! Ruth x

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Love the finished bottles, they look great. Glad you enjoyed the workshop.

Sue said...

Oh Sam there are some gorgeous pieces here and it looks like you had a fab day x

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