Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Powertex Canvas

I decided to bite the bullet and have a play with all the Powertex goodies I picked up from the SECC show in Glasgow last month. So here is my workspace prepped and ready.

This is what I sort of had in my head so it came out how I wanted it. The brown patch is because I tried out the bister technique but actually used walnut crystal stain, and it sort of worked.

Here I've used three different sizes of polystyrene balls and strands of cotton to pin them down.

This is 3d flex mixed with the ivory powertex and scraped on with a coffee stirrer.

Close up of the walnut crystals, as you can see they have cracked slightly. I think I should of given it more heat, but not to worry, next time.

Once completely dry I painted everything with turquoise shimmer media spray.

Then using white gesso I dry brushed all over to bring out the textures.

Close up of the dry brushing.

Next I painted the balls with silver decoart media paint and added a touch of carbon black. I tried to bring out the texture where I'd tried to crackle it with the walnut crystals with metallic lustre black shimmer, I also edged the canvas with this.

Then I decided it needed more contrast and to be lighter on the outsides, so added some everlasting chalky finish paint with my finger.

And it still didn't look finished, so I covered the balls and flicked on some white paint.

I do apologise for the rubbish photos, but the weather is awful, it's really dark and raining. I am really pleased with it and it looks so much better IRL.

PaperArtsy have a theme of abstract this week, so I'm entering this canvas.


After playing about with it, I actually think I prefer it this way round!!


Hazel Agnew said...

Absolute magic Sam.....I really love it too! liked it when it was neutral at the beginning and love what you did with it! White splatters finish it off nicely. Not heard of the flex though! Think that I must be hungry cos the spheres remind me of Maltesers!...look forward to seeing more Powertexing! xx

Helen said...

I love it - in fact I love it in all it's stages! Really must have a go with mine soon.. never mind the Christmas cards!!

chrissie said...

Fantastic Sam it looks amazing coloured but I also loved it wheni it was white

Love Chrissie xx

jane walliss said...

Love it, really good use of colour n texture. I'm just doing some abstract art for the challenge (my 1st time at trying it!) n I've gone for circles n blue/green. Keep up the good work. Xxx

Sue said...

Really nice Sam, amazing texture! xx

Craftyfield said...

Now I'm intrigued by Powertex... Amazing texture and the polystyrene balls look fabulous in silver!

Etsuko Noguchi said...

This is amazing Sam! Super effective. xx

hazel said...

An amazing canvas Sam - love the textures and I must find out more about Powertex.

Sorry for not visiting you for a while, I've been doing my commenting on my ipad and for some reason when I visit your blog I only get a white screen and pictures and not a word in sight so I can only visit you when I turn my laptop on.
xxx Hazel.

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