Saturday, 21 November 2015

Powertex Colour Experiment

My netball buddie Chris, brought me some empty wine bottles last night. I needed some to play further with my powertex and fabrics.

I wanted to see if I could change the colour of the ivory powertex without changing the properties of it. I know you can add pigments but I wanted to know if it would work with acrylic paints, so I added lots of drops of dioxazine purple media paint, which is a really, really deep purple, and I ended up with this lilac.

It mixed okay, it went on okay, the fabric stuck okay, but it seems to be taking an age to dry. So I left it overnight and checked it the next day. 

It still wasn't totally dry this morning so I gave it a blast with the hairdryer and that did it. I don't actually think it had anything to do with adding the paint, I think it was probably because it was the coldest night on record this year up to now!! So anyhow, I then added some more purple paint by using the dry brushing technique.

I did the same thing with another shade of purple.

I also added a tiny touch of black paint, again dry brushing, just to hi-light some of the texture. I also painted the faces silver.

And finally I added some treasure gold in pewter and indigo around the faces.

And the back of the bottle.

And the balls and the faces.

Again, unfortunately, the photos don't pick up all the textures and the shimmer from the paint and the treasure gold, but we have also had 4 seasons in one day up to now today, so that hasn't helped either!!

So my verdict would be that yes it is very easy to change the colour of the powertex using acrylic paints, but I will keep experimenting.


craftimamma said...

It's turned out brilliantly Sam. I love all the texture you're left with using this stuff! Is everyone getting bottle candle holders for Christmas with the stash you have to go at, lol? Mind you I've filched a couple from Yvonne ;-)

Lesley Xx

Helen said...

Sam, it looks great - love the purples. it may have taken an age to dry, but it was worth the wait.

chrissie said...

I thought you had taken up heavy drinking Sam but I should have known you were making something amazing with the bottles. This looks so touchy feely and very artistic

Love Chrissie xx

hazel said...

Love your altered bottle, the colour's lovely.
xxx Hazel.

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