Sunday, 10 March 2013

More Utah Scenery

Another gorgeous day after a snowy night.

Then it was a bit bleak!!

Then the sun came out again.

This is an Aspen tree holding the snow.

More lovely scenery which we skied through.

Quite a bit of snow had fallen again.

And then even more!!

And then the sun came out again.


Helen said...

Sam these are stunning pictures. So i guess today is your last day - hope you make the most of it and have a safe trip home. Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

Marianne said...

Great sceneries. Thanks for the photo's and enjoy yourself!!
xxx Marianne

Julia S-W said...

Oh you lucky, lucky, lucky girl!! What I wouldn't do to be out there and having fun!
Sorry I've been absent but I'll catch up again with you when you return.
Enjoy your trip - the photos are stunning.
PS Be careful!

Burnice said...

ooh great scenery Sam. Glad to see you had a great time. Burnice x

butterfly said...

How glorious... I'm so behind with visiting that I didn't even know you'd gone away, and by the sound of it you're back now!! In any case, it looks utterly beautiful there...
Alison x

Alison said...

Love your pic of the snowy tree - beautiful! xxx

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