Monday, 29 October 2012

Experimenting - Distress Markers

Over the weekend I was experimenting with my set of Distress Markers which I recently picked up at a fabulous price on Ebay.

I wanted to try them out on different papers, ie water coloured, glossy, speciality stamping paper and also using different techniques, ie direct to paper, wetting the paper first, using the water brush with the detailed nib, blending on the craft mat.

So here are some of my results:

This is a light weight water colour paper.  The top 2 images were stamped in black Archival and the bottom 2 in black Stazon. They blended okay, top right is just direct to paper, bottom right and left are using the water brush to drag the ink across and top left is taking the ink from the craft mat with the water brush and sort of painting with it.

This was using much heavier weight water colour paper and personally I didn't think the ink blended as well.  The ink seemed to sink into the paper very quickly.

This was using the Inkssentials speciality stamping paper.  Again it blended quite nicely using all the above techniques explained at the top.  Although it's quite glossy the ink dried pretty quickly.  Stamping on it was lovely both with the Stazon and the Archival.

And finally random glossy paper.  For me, this worked the best.

As you can see, I don't go in for shading and the like, I just like to scribble and I'm not bothered if I go in or out of the lines!!!  Life is too short!!!


Marianne said...

I think the fourth one is the brightest. Now you have enough coloured images to make a dozen of cards :-)
Have fun! Hugs,

Paula Whittaker said...

Ive never thought of getting these pens but I like the effects youve got with them.

sam21ski said...

These are the only ones I have Paula along with a handful or Adirondack pens!!

Sam xxxx

Von said...

Nice bit of playing Sam :)
Von ♥

downrightcrafty said...

I agree the bottom one is fabulous great colours cannot wait to see some more of these on your creations
Hugs Kate xx

Carol Q said...

i'm also in agreemntwith the bottom one Sam, the colours look much better.

Deborah said...

To me, they all have their merits. The brightest aren't necessarily my favourite. Hmmm, I've resisted these so far, but maybe I could stretch to a handful.

sam21ski said...

I wasn't necessarily going with the brightest I was going with the paper that blended and took the inks the best. Which is obviously hard for you to see from the photos. I was just experimenting how the inks reacted with the different papers with and without water!!

Ginger said...

The look you want depends on the project at the time. my colouring skills are pretty non existant really, so i'm with you Sam scribble it on and see what happens lol. I have about 6 of these markers and I do really like them. nice job you have done with them here. x

chrissies said...

Thank you for showing us the effects on different papers--something I always intend to do but never get around too.I am not thinking I need some of these pens:)

Love Chrissie xx

butterfly said...

Wow - I think your colouring is amazing! You may say there's no shading, but I think I'd disagree... such subtlety of colour application, and brilliant colour choices! What a great set of experiments... Those stamps are cool anyway, but I've never seen them look this good!
Alison x

Sue said...

These pens do look rather nice Sam. I'm not one for shading either and I always go over the lines :o) x

Gez said...

These are great Sam. I too love the effects of your random glossy paper the best. The colours do look great.. I only have a couple of pens as I tend to use Copic's but the colours you have used are making me think I need to try again and buy more pens to try!!!! Gorgeous artwork xx

Cath Wilson said...

Excellent x

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