Wednesday, 27 April 2011

FP Butterfly

I've made this butterfly from friendly plastic, peels offs, wire and a few beads.  I took a white strip of FP and coloured it using cool peri and salmon AI's from the lights selection.  I used surgical spirits to blend them together.  I shaped the wire into wings.  Heated the plastic and pushed the wire into it.  I also pushed in four peel off dots, one in each wing.  Once cooled, I cut them out.  I stuck two of the wings together by applying sticky silver foil to the back.  I strung some beads on a piece of wire and used it for the body.

**Yes Kate, it has gone a little pink, but that's just for you!!!**

Inspiration for this piece was gained from a Linda Peterson FP tv show.


Zoechaos said...

looks very pretty and delicate, the AI colouring is beautiful. XOXO Zoe

downrightcrafty said...


sorry, that was so funny, was really concentrating on what you had written on how you had put the peel off o's in and then read that bit about the PINK lol you did make me laugh, nearly fell of my chair, Star was not impressed

this is another fabulous piece liking this new stuff your doing
Hugs Kate x

Sid said...

Fantastic butterfly Sam !!

Von said...

Beautiful Sam your wire work is so good and the colours so dreamy :)
Von xxx

Neet said...

Oh WOW - am stuck for words - it is fantastic!"

Cath Wilson said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Sam. Now that makes FP interesting, lol!

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