Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Wet Felting - 3d mini vase

I also watched another Youtube where the person used an orange and the foot of a pair of tights to make a vase, so off I went and this is what I ended up with. Instead of an orange, I used one of Fraz's balls. I found that using this method it was really hard to stop the wool from slipping off and it was also hard to get an even coverage.

But I did like the colour wave, which was actually more of an accident, as when I tried to place the ball in the end of the foot of the tights, it was that tight it moved all the wool.

It pulled up from the bottom of the ball and this is how I ended up with a really bare patch at the bottom of the vase. As you can see, you can see daylight through it. Had I have known what I was looking or feeling for, I could have actually cut this part and made it the top, but I didn't see it until I had shaped it and it had dried.

This is the back as it's the tallest part.

And this is the front, you can just see on the left that there is another bareish patch, as you can see through it.

On the video, they used sheets of batting for this method, but I didn't have any and wanted to try it, but now I know why!!!

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craftytrog said...

Interesting to see your felting experiments Sam! Love the vase!
Alison xx

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