Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Seth Workshops - Day Two

All set up and ready for day two. Today we were making a book.

A demo to start off with so we had some idea of what we were doing.

Prepping the book to remove the covers as that's the only part we needed.

For day two I moved to this table as a couple of ladies arrived and wanted to sit together but there was only a space next to me and a space on this table. So today I sat next to Liz who had travelled over from Ireland for the two classes.

And this is Julia and Kathy who we sat opposite. They are making the spine of their books.

It was a gorgeous day and the sun was beaming through the windows.

This was the table that I was on yesterday!

Seth demoning how to make the spine stronger when attaching it to the book covers.

Our table just got messier and messier!!

Close up of our messy table!!

Some of the pages that I created.

An envelope as a page with an insert and a tab.

One of Seth's die cuts which we got in our bag of goodies to use on the pages.

Liz had brought the kitchen sink with her and very kindly let me rummage through her stuff, so I took this tag.

And this was her postcard too, but I loved it, so she let me have that as well. It's going to be the last page in my book.

And before I left Seth left his mark on the back of my postcard.

A huge thank you to the ladies in both classes, the people at Birds in the Barn doing all the hard work behind the scenes. They made sure there was tea and coffee on the go all day. We had flap jack, lemon drizzle cake and the buffet lunch was gorgeous. And of course to Seth for coming over and teaching the classes. It was a very spacious, relaxed and chilled couple of days - thanks to all.


Helen said...

I loved Seth's class that I did last year so am very envious of these classes - glad you had such fun! love the project and your pages.

Deborah Wainwright said...

Blimey you were minutes from where I used to live. Glad you had fun with Seth he’s fabulous isn’t he. Hugs Debsxx

Seth said...

Beautiful pages and love the messy table shots :-)

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