Thursday, 19 October 2017

Moulds and Air Dry Clay

So then, this is what I've been doing this morning. I've been playing with my new Artyco moulds and some others that I needed to stock up on.

These are the mummy's and they have come out fabulous, so much detail, all those bandages!

And this is one of the smaller wings of the two on the large set. Again, the detail is fabulous and they are so easy to get out of the moulds.

And the medium sized skull, can't wait to use this one.

This is the largest and second largest butterfly on the plate of four, and wow, again the detail is so impressive.

Another close up of the mummy's, you can see how their arms are cross over - just brilliant. Would love to get this in a bigger size too.

And the cogs are so crisp, they have come out brilliantly.

These are the larger wings of the large wings set.

Now I have to tell you, I really didn't think this butterfly was going to work. It looks so delicate on the mould and just look, it came out perfect yet again. I'm very impressed.

And top right are the really tiny ones, you can tell how tiny they are as each of the squares are 1cm and it only just covers a square.

If you like what you see, go and pay a visit to Artyco, they have a huge range of moulds at extremely reasonable prices and P&P is free with no minimum spend. They also welcome trade enquiries too. Please tell them I sent you over there if you place an order.

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Helen said...

they are brilliant!

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