Saturday, 24 September 2016

Mr Enchanting

Ages ago Chris gave me this bottle and yesterday I used it.

I bulked it out with tinfoil, covered it with masking tape and added a half of a polystyrene ball.

I then prepped everything I needed as this next bit is very, very messy!!

I poured some red powertex liquid into an old ice-cream pot and scooped in some stoneart.

Using a wooden stirrer I mixed it together. I kept adding the stoneart a bit at a time until I got the consistency I wanted.

Now this is the messy part, it's still really, really sticky and needed more stoneart adding to it.

Keep adding and kneading until you get it to something like this.

Using a plastic tube or rolling pin, roll it out. The white is talc which is used in the same way as flour is when baking.

Once you have it rolled out to approx an eighth of an inch, wipe the talc off with a babywipe.

The mixture would not stick directly to the masking tape, so I used the powertex liquid to paint over the masking tape and this helped it to stick.

I kneaded and rolled until I had covered the whole of the bottle. You can use water to massage the pieces together or add pieces in where you need to.

As you can see, it's still a bit lumpy but when I've put some coloured pigments on you shouldn't really see it too much, and it will add to the textures!

And again same thing from the other side. I think one of the reasons it's not really smooth is because of what's underneath. Had it gone directly on the glass I would have been able to get it a lot smoother as there would be something solid to press against.

Whilst it was drying I made a hat and was just checking that it fitted okay.

Then I blinged up the hat once it had dried over night.

**This is not one of the hats I've already made, this is another one which is much bigger and made specifically to fit on the top of the bottle**

Next I added pigments to the bottle, including red, rich gold and bronze gold and from the Pearl-Ex range gold and bronze.

It really shows up the textures and looks fab IRL

Pleased with how the hat came out and how it sits on the bottle. This was taken outside this morning in the sun.

And finally I made some more of the stoneart and powertex mixture, but this time I used the black and once kneaded, I rolled it into a long sausage shape to make the mouth and eyes.

And lastly, a view from the side.

Even though at stages this is really messy, it's so much fun and you get great results.


Helen said...

oh, Sam, this is fabulous!! what a great way to use that lovely bottle.

Miriam said...

I love that Sam....looks like you've been having great fun

chrissie said...

A really fun piece Sam and nice to see that your wonderful hat found a head to adorn

Love Chriisie xx

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