Sunday, 4 September 2016

Fairy Sculpture

I made the armature from three pieces of sturdy garden wire, two measuring 18" and the other 20". The head is half of a 1 1/4" polystyrene ball with a tiny one stuck in the middle for the nose.

Next step was to cover everything in tinfoil. I did this on the settee whilst watching tv.

Covered everything with masking tape and attached the head.

I wanted to create a skirt and there were two ways I thought of to do this, one was to use a toilet roll inner tube.

The second was to create in effect a wire tube and cover it with masking tape. 

I also needed some wings. I decided to go with a small pair.

I decided on the wire tube so covered it and the wings with masking tape.

I attached both to my figure.

Then out came the Powertex. I found a thin piece of t-shirt fabric which I used to cover the head and the top part of the body. You need to try and pull this back so you get the fabric smooth over the face.

I let that dry for a while and then covered the wings with stockinette.

I left the wings to dry for about an hour and then using strips of t-shirt yarn I covered the arms and the legs. This fabric gives them great texture and it's a great width to work with. I pulled the arms and legs out straight as it was easier to cover them. They can easily be re-shaped afterwards.

Again I left the arms and legs to dry for about another hour, re-shaped them and then dressed her. I forgot to take a photo at this stage. I also added more fabric to the wings.

And lastly again after waiting about another hour, I added some hair.

I found it easier to do all these steps in stages and by letting the Powertex dry for a while after each stage, the figure was so much easier to handle.

This figure was inspired by Allison Turner whom we have taken some workshops with. We were meant to be doing a workshop on this project, but for whatever reasons it didn't come off, so I decided to have a go myself and I'm really please with how she's turned out. I've named her Ellie.

I'll be back with part 2 after I've been to a workshop next Saturday, as I need to buy some of the rich gold and bronze gold pigments to colour her with.


Helen said...

She's beautiful Sam! Look forward to seeing the next stage after you're replenished your stocks!

Sandy said...

There is no doubt that you excel at this art form and love doing it. Sam this is my very favorite so far and I can't wait to see what you do with her!!
Sandy xx

Lucy Edmondson said...

This is really clever Sam, look forward to seeing the final piece,

Lucy x

hazel said...

She's looking good Sam, can't wait to see the finished piece.
xxx Hazel.

Marianne said...

Oh how cute, you are making sculptures....can't wait for you to finish this one. Here all is fine...I'm more on FB now, but I try to be more of a blogger again. Hope it works LOL. Hugs to you and gorgeous Fraz ofcourse.
xxx Marianne

butterfly said...

Fantastic to see all the work that's gone into creating Ellie. Love the wire sculpting, and her hair looks fabulous at the end. Who needs workshops?!
Alison x

Sue said...

This is amazing Sam, I love seeing how Ellie came together. Have a fun week xx

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