Sunday, 18 September 2016

Finished Fairy House from Workshop

My fairy house from the workshop we took recently with Lesley, which you can see here, is now finished. It's finished cracking and I've added the beads to the wire.  It didn't crack as much as I wanted it to do, but that's how it goes. Will be trying this again at some stage!!

View from the top with the beads.

View from the back, again a few cracks have appeared.

Cracked well where the colours met, ie the strip of green.

Got a few cracks off each of the smaller circles but would have liked more!

Some big cracks have developed at the front, but not many.

After speaking again to Lesley, we have decided that it probably hasn't cracked much more as we put the pigments on, on the day. Next time I try it I'm going to let it have the five days to dry before I put any colour on it.


Claire said...

This is stunning Sam - you must be really pleased with it! As usual I can't see the words lol but the pictures are plenty for me.....I love the little beads on the wire as a lovely finishing touch xx

chrissie said...

Amazing Sam! I bet it will be full of fairies very soon--I hope so.

Love Chrissie xx

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