Saturday, 10 September 2016

Fairy House Workshop

Fairy House workshop with tutor Lesley, Chris, Lin R, Lin S and my chair.

The process, mixing the stoneart with the ivory powertex to get it to dough consistency, you can see mine in the container at the top of the red board. Then rolling it out like pastry using talc instead of flour on the board and rolling pin!

Chris and Lin mixing their products together, it really does start off as a very sticky mess, but with a bit of working in it comes together. At this stage we added some coloured powertex to give the mixture a base colour.

Once we had some rolled out we started to mould it onto the plastic bauble.

Lin, Lin and Chris all used the blue as a base colour, this is Lin holding hers up by the wire.

We then did the next mixing process to make the roof. This time we used bronze powertex and 3d flex, again mixed it together to make a dough and then rolled it out with the board and rolling pin, again using talc, which is the white you can see on the brown roof.

Everyone building up the roof of their house.

Next we cut some shapes out, made some holes, added some other bits of the stoneart/powertex mixture mainly to create textures.

Because we used the 3d flex on the roof it naturally starts to crack and as with most cracks, you have no control as to where or even if they are going to crack.

We'd had lunch, and the food in the tearooms is fabulous, but in with the price of the workshop was a drink and a slice of cake. They brought it out to us and it was set up like afternoon tea.

Just look at the size at that wedge of cake, which was to die for. Lin and I had orange and Lin and Chris had coffee and walnut.

Whilst we had been having our coffee / tea and cake (& more shopping), Lesley had placed our makes in a drying box ready for the next stage.

Group photo, thanks to Lesley for taking it of us.

The next stage was to add the pigments. We started by choosing a matte colour for the bottom of the house and adding another colour if we wanted to. Next we added a ghosting of white to the bronze roof followed by one or two matte colours.

Next we added pearl ex pigments for a bit of bling, followed by powertex rich gold and bronze gold.

Close ups of the roofs with the gold pigments.

Obviously I had to have a shop whilst I was there. Lin and I split the powertex pigments which is why mine are in sealed bags, apart from the white which is still in it's pot as we got one each of this colour.

This is what was in my lovely decorated bag from Lin & Chris, I love that Kate Crane cube stamp, I have wanted it for ages, but it's always out of stock, everywhere - thank you so much.

And these are from Lin. Stamped images, duplicate stencil, loads of clay flowers, dragonflies and other bits and bobs, paper flowers and a fab little creation on corrugated.

And wow, lovely pieces of fabric, all different textures, will be great when powertex'd!!

Wooden stuff, a couple of mdf skulls, a 3d heart, wooden frame and a fab deep box, stirring sticks and jenga pieces.

And finally some lovely ceramic pieces and a barbie doll, all for powertexing.  And she brought all this lot on the train for me - thanks Lin, really appreciate it.

It takes about 5 days for the products dry properly and the cracks to form, if there are going to be any, so I will be back with an update and a finished product photo in a few days.

Thanks, Lesley (tutor), Chris, Lin & Lin for a fabulous day.


Helen said...

fab review of your day - love the results! great shopping too, and gifts - and the cake looks yummy.

Deborah Wainwright said...

These little houses look lovely, perfect for garden faeries! Looks like a fun day xxx

craftimamma said...

Oh Sam, the houses are gorgeous and I am so miffed to have missed the workshop! Don't think I could attempt one of those without a class first. Looks like Lesley has a fab new venue too so I really will have to keep an eye out for an opportunity to go as soon as I can drive that far. The shopping would be a treat too not to mention the my favourite!!! Glad you all had such a lovely time.

Lesley Xx

chrissie said...

Wonderful day out and amazing fairy houses. Certainly something new to learn

Love Chrissie xx

Claire said...

Hi Sam, looks like you had a fab day - those little house look fab. Looking forward to seeing the update and if it cracked etc.
The tea and cake looked nice too :-)
Claire xx

hazel said...

I love the little fairy houses and you all look like you're having a wonderful time. the cake looks yummy.
xxx Hazel.

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