Thursday, 22 September 2016

Rainbow Goblin House Experiment

I made another house, this time from a jam jar.

I used up the remainder of my black Powertex so had to add some green to it.

I added some air dry clay and fimo clay faces.

Some lace and cotton scrim.

Flowers and powertex cotton threads.

T-shirt fabric used to cover the base of the jar.

Close up of the base of the jar.

And the same for the lid.

Now for the experiment. I want to put this piece outside for a few months to see what varnishes are totally weather proof. The soft and reg gel are by Golden and the soft touch, satin, gloss, ultra matte and matte med are by DecoArt, the rest you can see. I paired them up with either a primary element or a perfect pearl pigment.

So here we go, I've placed the lid on with the head towards where I started the cycle. I started with Golden soft gel with wild plum primary elements, the second was Golden matte medium with autumn skies primary elements.

Then I moved onto the Golden regular gel and deep coral primary elements. followed by Americana Decoupage matte with ginger peach primary elements.

Followed by Americana Decoupage matte with ginger peach primary elements.

The next one didn't work too well and when mixed became watery and frothy - Mod Podge Dimensional Magic mixed with kiwi perfect pearls. It didn't cover over the face either.

The next combination is DecoArt media soft touch varnish and royal orchid primary elements, followed by DecoArt media matte medium and yellow ochre Powertex pigment.

DecoArt media ultra matte varnish and true blue primary elements.

And the final strip, DecoArt media gloss varnish with spiced pumpkin primary elements.

And I completed the set by using the remaining two varnishes for the roof. On the left side we have Americana Triple Thick Gloss Glaze with green patina perfect pearls and on the right DecoArt Media Satin varnish with moss agate primary elements.

A close up of the base of the pigments over the fabric.

And another close up of the pigments over the flower embellishments.

I now have to wait 3 weeks before it can be placed outside and start the experiment. This is because the Powertex only becomes waterproof after 3 weeks of drying time.

Watch this space!!!


Three weeks have now passed since I blinged up my goblin house and so today I put it outside the garden in the boarder and my intention is to leave it out there for at least 3 months to get really weathered, then bring it back in, inspect it and report on which pigments and varnishes survived and which, if any, didn't!!


butterfly said...

Your experiments with colouring the Powertex are so interesting - will be good to know whether they'll hold in the weather! Fabulous wrapping with all those gorgeous lacy strands.

To answer your question, I'm in Columbus, Ohio directing my own 90-minute cut of Romeo and Juliet with the Masters actors at Ohio State University (actors with professional experience who've come to intensify or diversify their training). It's exciting but scary too!
Alison x

Helen said...

it looks fabulous, will look forward to seeing how it develops after it's had time to cure before it goes outside!

chrissie said...

Amazing yet again Sam and so very unusual-well unique really

Love Chrissie xx

Sandy said...

You are right Sam! I am definitely watching your space!
You really do amaze me.
sandy xx

Hazel Agnew said...

Interesting experiments Sam. Don't know why I don't get alerts about your posts anymore...perhaps you have cut me off! anyway, found this one and love what you have done! xx

Sue said...

This is really fab Sam, good luck with your experiment xx

Helen said...

love the house in its outdoor setting - great experiment, will look forward to updates!

Lesley Ebdon said...

├Łou have got some patience with your experiments Sam! I'm lazy and will wait for you to tell me how your fab goblin house fares. The different colours look lovely in the sunshine.

Just to say like Hazel I dont get alerts about your posts either. It's just luck if I happen to scroll through my timeline & see you've posted. TBH I can't remember if its ever been any different.

Lesley Xx

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