Sunday, 27 December 2015

Mini Leather Eye Books

I came across this video showing how to create these fab books which I totally fell in love with, so I just had to make some.

I glazed the eye over on this one using DA liquid glass.

Eyes were painted with DA multi surface satin for the colour and media acrylic for the carbon black and titanium white whilst the blue was still wet. Also added a metal corner.

I gave them all a coat of DA media satin varnish once they were finished. This one was my fave so have kept it for myself.

And these are the backs. I gave two of them closures, one which is stuck down and the other you can take the band off so the book opens and the other three I left open.

Products used were by DecoArt.


Helen said...

they look fabulous Sam!

craftimamma said...

They are fab & it amazes me how they all seem to have different expressions!

Lesley Xx

Amanda said...

Love these Sam they look fab!
Amanda X

chrissie said...

These are so unusual Sam. I can't stop looking at them

Love Chrissie xx

butterfly said...

Very uncanny... I'm thoroughly spooked!! But also very cool.
Alison xx

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

They are wonderful.

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