Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Finally Finished

I've finally got round to adding some colour to my second attempt at a sculpture. I used yellow ochre and gloss varnish and ruby treasure gold.

This is the back where I think you can pick up the colour a little more.

I needed to add a little something around the shoulders to cover up the last layer of fabric. I've recently purchased a bottle of the red powertex, as I wanted a contrast.

Coloured a piece of cotton scrim in the red and draped it around the shoulders.

Now the back is total covered and looks fab.

And here she is, finally finished. She's in the airing cupboard drying at present.

Sorry the photos aren't much good but it's raining, dull and gloomy, so I had to have the light on which is why they look yellowy.


Buttons said...

Blimey Sam! If these aren't the best photos I can only imagine that irl she looks even more incredible! Seriously, this is absolutely stunning. I'd get a production line going if I were you as you'll be getting orders! Jenny x

butterfly said...

She's stunning, Sam - who'd have thought she started out as a cheap doll? She looks like a gallery work of art now. You must be so proud of her - bravo!
Alison xx

Helen said...

She's completely gorgeous, Sam! love the red powertex.

chrissie said...

Well I loved it before but now it is spectacular Sam. You are so talented.

Have a great Christmas

Love Chrissie xx

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