Saturday, 3 November 2012

Play Day

My friend Emma, came to play today and unfortunately I forgot to take any photos of us arting or her cuddling Fraz, but nevertheless she made this fab take on a project we recently saw at the Paperartsy stand at Doncaster Dome craft show.

And she teased me with this fabulous tag that she'd made for me but was unsure whether or not to give me it so told me about it then left it in her bag!!!  She knows I LOVE green but she couldn't resist adding a bit of pink sparkly!!!!  It's fabulous isn't it.  I actually think the dare I say it 'pink' and green go together quite well.  No don't panic I'm not transformed!!!!  Just sayin', a bit is okay!!


butterfly said...

I've got the same thing with pink!! But I think you're right, it looks pretty darn good here... I love the top one - amazing layers. Sounds like a lovely play day!
Alison x

chrissies said...

Looks really great to me but I quite like pink--well almost-sometimes lol

Love Chrissie xx

hazel said...

I love the tag Sam - green is my favorite colour and green and pink is my favorite colour combo.
xxx Hazel.

Marianne said...

I think she is trying to get you into pink LOL. But the creations are very lovely. Hugs,

Chris said...

Someone cuddled Fraz? That sounds pretty scary to me lol

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