Saturday, 6 October 2018

All things Bright and Beautiful

So this morning I took another Powertex class with Jill from Purple Meadow Crafts. We both made a sample piece using the Abyssimo technique. Firstly we made a thick texture paste using ivory Powertex and then covered a board with it. We then drew into it using clay tools and made shapes and generally created some texture and even made some little balls from the paste. Dried it off slightly.

Then we added colour. The idea was to create bands of strong, bright colours, but blend them. This is what mine looked like when I left the workshop.

This is the one that Jill started. As I had 1 2 1 tuition she made one too.

When I got home I added more colours to make them stronger and more defined. I also painted a thin black border around the edge to make the colours pop.

Close up of some of the textures.

More textures and colour blending.

Close up of the balls we created using the paste.

Craters made in the paste using a clay tool and more colour blending.

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