Sunday, 10 June 2018

Stencil Transfers

I took a piece of A4 card and using PVA glue pasted on various pieces of paper including book, tissue and map and also added some washi and tissue tape to the mix.

I did exactly the same with this piece but coloured the background first.

Once dry, I added various colours of decoart premium acrylic paint. The right hand side ended up more green than what I wanted it so I added a watered down layer of white.

And this one I left bright.

I added some marks in silver and gold.

To both of the pieces. I then gave them both a coat of matte medium to seal them.

I printed out a background using my cheapo inkjet printer. Remember if you are using words, they need to be the wrong way round for this step.

Next I placed the stencils were I wanted them on the background and used a bit of masking tape to hold them in place.

For the music stencil I coloured in the image using a black sharpie pen.

And for Eve I used black decoart modelling paste.

Once they were completely dry I took a couple of photocopies, again using my cheap inkjet printer.

Next I completely covered both of the images with decoart tinting base.

In total, I did three coats of the tinting base and once dry, one coat of the matte medium and again left it to completely dry.

I gave the coloured base another coat of matte medium, and whilst it was still wet I placed the photocopy on the top.

This is the photocopy placed on the top of the coloured background.

To ensure it was totally stuck down I used a brayer.

Then I left them overnight to dry.

I dampened them slightly with warm water and a sponge.

And started to gently rub away the top layer of paper.

And the second one. Don't get paper too wet and don't rub too hard or you will rub the transfer away.

All the paper has been removed from each piece.

Once dry, I gave each one a coat of decoart ultra matte varnish which makes the colours pop.

Next I cut them to size.

And mounted them onto black card.

They look completely different with different coloured backgrounds.

I really enjoyed making these and I know some of you will be thinking, why didn't you just stencil the image straight onto the backgrounds, but I wanted to show how they could be used in a different way.

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