Sunday, 13 November 2016

A Play with Rust

So as the sun was shining this morning, I decided to have a play with a few rust techniques as demonstrated by Andy Skinner, or a variation of!

I passed all the pieces of card through an embossing folder to give them some tooth. I sprayed this one with black media mister and painted over with quin gold, after a coat of ultra matte varnish to seal it, I used a graphite pencil to further bring out the textures.

I did exactly the same on this one as I did on the one above. I actually wish I'd have added more of the mister to start with a darker background.

This piece is literally a coat of the AS dirty wash (quin gold, mixed with paynes grey, mixed with ultra matte varnish) and rubbed over with the graphite pencil.

On this one I used antiquing creams. Base coat of medium grey 6, coat of patina antiquing cream, wiped back, sealed with ultra matte varnish, a coat of white antiquing cream, wiped back, coat of ultra matte varnish and finally a watery coat of the dirty wash just to tone down the white antiquing cream.

Added texture sand paste to the embossed card, coloured with a mix of tinting base and paynes grey.  Added carbon black around the edges, a layer of paynes grey wash all over and then a coat of quin gold. Finished with a coat of ultra matte varnish and again used the graphite pencil.

And finally I used black and white antiquing cream for this piece. Base colour is dark grey 3, a coat of black antiquing cream, wiped back and sealed with ultra matte varnish. A coat of quin gold, followed by a coat of white antiquing cream, wiped back and sealed with ultra matte varnish and finally a coat of the dirty wash, again to tone down the white and a rub over with the pencil.

No sure what I'm going to do with them yet, but was great to get messy and grungy again.


Becky said...

These look great Sam I am awful at remembering how to do the rust effect xx

Helen said...

I am sure you will do something amazing with them, you always do. They look fab already.

Chris said...

Fabulous Sam. Sounds like lots of work with all the layers of paint but really worth the time & effort. Looking forward to seeing what you make with them xx

Sue said...

These are fab Sam, it will be good to have them at hand when you want to create something xx

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