Saturday, 28 May 2016

Powertex Angel Workshop

So today was finally here, we've been waiting for ages for this workshop to get here!! Today we are making Powertex Angels with Allison of Allison Turner Designs. You may remember earlier in the year we did a fabulous Stone Art workshop with her.

Ali had secured the wooden base to a slate tile for us to create a stable base. We needed to extend the wooden pole to give more height. We used an empty loo roll, slit it, pulled it as tight as possible, taped it on and stuffed it with tinfoil to give it strength.

Next to Emma you will see an empty seat, unfortunately Lin wasn't very well enough and didn't make it, but Allison kindly gave me all the materials so she can make one at home.

We secured everything with masking tape including the boobs!!

Everyone getting their heads on their poles!! Ali doing a reckie making sure we were all okay.

The next step was to make the wings, which once you know how, was pretty easy.

Wings made, secured and masked off.

We then covered the wings with stockinette fabric.

Once the wings were done we dressed the pole and gave it a blast with the heat gun. Emma being ambidextrous!!

Lin can't quite believe that she's doing this, but enjoying herself and admiring her wings.

And relieving Emma of a heat tool and giving mine a blast!

Lesley just checking she's got everything covered.

Helen titivating her wings.

Chris wiping her hands (again!!), well wiping the gloves clean anyway!

Emma decided to blow her glove up (please don't ask me why!) and ended up with a Powertex tash!!

More drying time.

Chris contemplating and concentrating!

So round the table we go then, this one is mine.

This one is Lin's, not bad for a first play with Powertex is it.

This one is Allison's.

This one is Chris's, again fantastic for her first play with the Powertex.

And Helen's, great ruffles around the base.

This one is Lesley's which I pinched from her blog as the one I took was in shadow, and this is a much better photo.

And finally, this one is Emma's.

They were still pretty wet but the wings seemed to have dried enough for us to add some colours. Ali was showing us how to mix the pigment and varnish and dry brush the colour on.

Helen and Lesley intently watching the colour mixing.

We added a layer of green patina, bronze gold and a lighter gold, but unfortunately I didn't take any more photos. Once mine has dried properly in the next couple of days I'm going to add more colour as I personally find it easier to do when it's completely dry, so I will be back in a day or two to show you what it looks like.

Thanks ladies and Allison for an absolutely fantastic day and it was really, really great to catch up with you all again, it's been too long xxxx


Helen said...

not even downloaded my photos yet! You got a great selection of photos, Sam. I had such a blast, and can't wait to add the rest of my colour when she's drier hopefully tomorrow! A fantastic day, just such a shame Lin couldn't make it.

Chris Cresswell said...

These are brilliant photos Sam. I didn't realise you were taking so many. The Angels look so gorgeous. Love the way you caught the different stages of the process. Fab.

craftimamma said...

Fab post and round up of a smashing day! Hope my coughing didn't drive you all bonkers did me, lol! I'm really chuffed with my angel (more colour needed on mine too)and I'm sure the rest are as well because they are all beautiful. Add to that the pleasure of meeting up with everyone (except poor Lin) and what more could you ask from a day.

Lesley Xx

chrissie said...

Thank you for sharing your day Sam and what wonderful creations were made. So pleased to see more of this kind of work.

Love Chrissie xx

Claire said...

Hi Sam, lovely blog post - everyone's angel looks amazing! Nice to see lots of photos of your day and looking forward to seeing her once you've added all the colour xx

Deborah Wainwright said...

Wow fabulous post Sam love seeing what you created. They all look amazing hugs Debsxx

Lin said...

Wow Sam great all did such beautiful wish that chair next to Emma had me sat on it :( Not only missed a great class but a catch up with my crafty friends...but till next time...can't wait to see them all completely dry and finished...I think we may have another few powertex converts!! thanks for sharing xxx

Neet said...

They all look FABULOUS!
Hugs, Neet xx (with envy)

Caz said...

Great post Sam....lovely to see all the beautiful angels you all made - what a lovely day you all had!

Sandy said...

I really did enjoy all of your pictures Sam!
sandy xx

dragonriding said...

Lovely to see Sam, didn't realise it was so recently that you went on this workshop, if i had known would have made the effort and driven......Pat (Crossland aka dragonriding)

Sue said...

Looks like a fab day Sam, and you all came away with beautiful angels xx

butterfly said...

Great photos of what was clearly a fantastic day... I've seen other people's here and there, and I'm loving all the results too.
Alison x

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