Saturday, 21 May 2016

APC Swap - Mini Marvels

I'm in a FB group called Mini Marvels run by the lovely Chris. She had organised a swap of 9 altered playing cards. Here are my lovely collection of swaps. You can see the ones I made for the swap here.

The second part of the challenge, should you wish to take it up, was to create something to display or to keep them in. So I started to play around with a 12" x 12" sheet of paper.

Once I'd sussed out the measurements I moved on to doing it for real with black card and patterned papers.

I decided on a black and white theme of stripes and dots.

Stuck everything down, added some lettering and rounded the flaps.

And this is the back, or should I say the outside, continuing with the black and white and stripey and dots theme.

I then decided to add more info to the bottom of the pockets.

This is the book folded up, so this is the front cover.

And this is the back cover, the end sleeve is folded inside. 

I decided not to add any closures as it wouldn't sit flat if I did and I will probably display it open so I can see the contents.

This is how it looks with the flaps down, obviously they don't sit totally flat as some of the fab contents have texture.

I thought I'd finished but the top flaps looked too plain, so I got my white sharpie pen out and added some dots and lines, now I'd finished.

Then we took Fraz for a walk and it hit me, duh what a total wholly, they are not A T C's, they are A P C's!!! Luckily enough for me, all it meant was that I had to stick a P over the T - now it's definitely finished.


Helen said...

what an inspired way to display your apcs; (which are fab, weren't there some gorgeous swaps!) haven't even thought about mine yet. xx

jojo79 said...

Fab Sam

craftimamma said...

Sam this is amazing! I would never have the patience to sit and figure it out and if I did it wouldn't look anywhere near as neat. Love the black and white theme and your doodling enhances the papers perfectly. Fabulous project!

Lesley Xx

chrissie said...

This is something new and different Sam and a fantastic project from you

Love Chrissie xx

Sandy said...

What a clever way to show case your altered playing cards - you are so clever Sam and like a true artist, you obviously love to experiment!
Sandy xx

craftytrog said...

Brilliant idea! Looks great Sam!

Ruth said...

Great collection, such a variety and like the storage too. The face is my fave one, love it! Ruth x

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