Monday, 11 April 2016

Boy Armature

Another armature from wire, tinfoil and covered in masking tape, just the same process as the others I've previously made.

I wanted to try and 'dress' him as opposed to just draping and wrapping fabric over him. So here I've made him some trousers which have dried. After wrapping his top half and again dried, I wrapped him in cling film as I wanted to try and make a jumper for him.

Once the jumper was added and dried, I carefully pulled out the cling film. Next I gave him some shoes and added a scarf, which unfortunately you can't see that well on this photo, but I can't move him as he is drying. He will be moved to the airing cupboard later.

And here he is in the garden, fully dried out after a night in the airing cupboard.

Out came the gold to hi-light the textures.

And from another angle.

Next I had the issue of making him stand up. So an mdf atc, a wooden skewer and a piece of polystyrene later, here is the frame I made.

As you can see, from the front you can't see the rods behind his legs and up his back supporting him.

I decided to add some red to the scarf and as you can see, the base is now covered and he is stood up.

Again, for a first attempt, I'm really please with how he has turned out.


craftimamma said...

He's brilliant Sam! I think his trousers turned out great (I know you were a bit dubious). His jumper and scarf are fantastic and great idea for supporting him. I'd love to know how you did his shoes?

Lesley Xx

Etsuko Noguchi said...

Oh1 Sam, he is stunning and he looks like really boy's pause 'Cute!' I love this. xx

Chris said...

Wow, Sam, he is fantastic. You've done a great job, love his trousers. Who would have thought he would end up like that after seeing him in photo 1 :)

Chris xx

Nan G said...

He's amazing! From first pic to! He looks like a miniature bronze figure!

Sandy said...

Good Fathers Sam, look at what you are doing now -- I never would have guessed it. He is fantastic!
sandy xx

Helen said...

I think he is fantastic!! I agree with Lesley, his trousers are great. well done on another great piece!

Corrie Herriman said...

He looks fabulous ! Well done !
COrrie x

Sid said...

Brilliant work Sam !

Naomi said...


hazel said...

He's amazing Sam, you are so clever.
xxx Hazel.

Sue said...

These are so clever Sam, you have a real gift for making them xx

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