Sunday, 10 April 2016

Angel Figure

I wanted to try an angel on the wooden meat hammer, so it was the same thought process as the African figure with the wrapping.

Next I tackled the wings, stuck the end of the wire over a straw, stood it up and left it to dry.

Once dry, I added another piece of fabric and gave her some hair.

This is the back.

I wanted to add a third layer and also cover the base. I decided to use stockinette for this.

And finally I added the wings to make her complete.

And here she is from the back.


Helen said...

she looks just fab, Sam!

Corrie Herriman said...

Wow, fabulous, Sam!
Corrie x

craftimamma said...

Made it just before bed, lol! Sam, she is wonderful! I love the draping of fabric and her hair but the wings are something else! Absolutely gorgeous!

Lesley Xx

Nan G said...

Just a quick little make, huh?! She wonderful.

Sandy said...

She is wonderful - I think you had a really good creative time doing this!
sandy xx

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