Thursday, 31 March 2016

Mini Man on a Ball

Whilst sat in front of the tv I made a couple of mini armatures with wire, tinfoil and masking tape.

I wanted him to sit on top of a ball so I bound him in pieces from an old dress and wrapped t-shirt yarn round a polystyrene ball. The easiest way to do this is also cover the ball in powertex. Not a very good photo I know, but they were drying.

Here is the following day and he is totally dry. As you can see I bent him into shape on purpose so he would dry like this.

And the ball is completely dry now too and you can see that the t-shirt yarn stayed in place too.

I painted the ball in various colours of paint until I was happy with the end result, but basically it went, light blue, grey and then a stone colour dry brushed over the top.

You can see the different colours a bit better here and as you can also see, it's very easy to cover the powertex with paint.

I was very lucky in a way as I was just positioning him on the ball to see if he required any additional bending and the doorbell rang. When I went back to him, he had stuck to the wet paint and become a permanent fixture! I then made him a little book with a denim cover and a stand so the ball wouldn't roll away.

Having used the Powertex again, this is definitely my go to product.

PaperArtsy have a theme of liquid sculpting medium.


Another photo, this time taken in the lovely sunshine.


Lin said...

he's brilliant the way you have him sat with his book xx

Lucy Edmondson said...

He's fantastic, Sam, you are really good at armature making. He looks so intent on his book. I agree with you, it's a great product, just placed another order. I'm hooked!

Lucy x

Helen said...

oh wow this is fabulous, Sam! such a clever idea.

Sue said...

This is such fun Sam, I love him xx

Lesley Ebdon said...

This little fella is so cute and definitely a chap after my own heart with his nose in a book. Lol! E makes a fab unique ornament for the patio table!

Lesley Xx

craftytrog said...

Love this Sam! Your little fellas are fab!

Sarah B said...

this is so cute - love his little book x

Sandy said...

I really, really, really like this one too. You have done a fantastic job with this Sam!!
Sandy xx

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