Sunday, 27 September 2015

Flip Flap Journal

This is the front cover of a journal I put together using six, 6 x 12 pieces of card, creating extra flaps. So the pages are 6 x 6 or 6 x 3 but the 6 x 3's create shutters over some of the 6 x 6 pages. I used brads and a piece of hemp cord as a closure.

This is the very first page you see when you open the cover. The inside of the flaps have been covered with a mask patterned card to hide the backs of the brads.

This is one of the 6 x 6 pages with it's two 6 x 3 shutters with borders and images.

The pages on the left are two 6 x 3 pages closed, so you are seeing the outsides and then another 6 x 6 page.

This one shows two 6 x 3 pages closed, a 6 x 6 page and another 6 x 3 page.

So the 6 x 6 page in the middle will be covered up with the 6 x 3 flaps either side.

Once all the pages and shutters had some sort of imagery on them I went back in and coloured all the backgrounds.

Added some stamping, doodling and low and behold, some writing!

Also added some pre-printed text to some of the pages too. 

I just love how the page on the left came out. The two pages on the right form the shutters to the 6 x 6 page underneath it.

And another 6 x 6 with a 6 x 3 flap each side. There are more pages as there 21 in total, but I didn't want to bore you too much!!

And finally an aerial view so you can see how the shutters fold in.


Helen said...

what a great book! you can tell how much you love making these, they always look fabulous.

Claire said...

Love this Sam - would loved to have seen an aerial photo - maybe next time? Love the bright colours and funky images! X

craftytrog said...

These pages are flipping amazing Sam! Love this style, you've got it hooked! xxx

Lin said...

Well Sam I have to say that the book looks brilliant on here but even better in real life..I just love it!! thank you lol..I will take a couple off aerial piccies and send them to you to add to your blog xxx

chrissie said...

This looks amazing Sam but a very complicated type of thing to make I imagine

Love Chrissie xx

butterfly said...

Simply brilliant - quirky, colourful and original - love the flip flap opening and all those wonderful characters on each page.
Alison xx

Sandy said...

Well you did good Sam -- very good. I would love to make something like this! Is there some kind of tutorial for this - it looks amazing and worth the time it took to photograph it too.
Sandy xx

sam21ski said...

Hi Sandy, thanks for your comment. I didn't find a tutorial for it, but all you need to do is cut a 12 x 12 in half three times, so you end up with six 12 x 6 inch pieces. Score 5 of the pieces at 3" & 9". Stick the 3" flaps together to make one long piece. The shutters end up on the 1st, 3rd and 5th pages. You use the last piece of 12 x 6 to create the cover to keep it all in. You don't need to decorate the back of the middle 6 x 6 piece as it gets stuck onto the cover. If you need any more info, email me (

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

That looks amazing!

Lottie me said...

Wow this is absolutely gorgeous!

craftimamma said...

You've certainly got this style nailed Sam! What an amazing project!

Lesley Xx

hazel said...

Wow!!! Sam this is amazing, fabulous images and colours, I love everything about it.
xxx Hazel.

Sue said...

This is brilliant Sam, you can tell that you enjoyed making this! xx

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