Sunday, 13 September 2015

Mini Book TM Style

I decided to make a little mini Teesha Moore style book as a thank you gift for a friend, using her 16 page technique. It's only 5.5" x 4". Prepped the pages with Dylusion paints and added some random stenciling. 

I like to work on the loose pages before I put the book together.

Images added to make the front and back covers and the inside flap.

And some of the doodling on the inside. I also used coloured pencils, something I've not done before.

This is the other side of the one above, again more doodling, colouring and some words.

These are the centre pages. I used a gelli pen for the dots on the left page. This means that the dots are all raised.

And the other side. The middle pages don't have any additional flaps.

All of them together.

And the other sides.

Finally I put holes in the pages and bound them to make the book.

As this is a gift, I decided to decorate the envelope too.


butterfly said...

Fantabulous! Not only all the colours, the Teesha Moores, the stencilling, but the fantastic doodling and great envelope too - love, love, love it!
Alison xx

Helen said...

It's a fantastic book, Sam - love the images and the colours.

chrissie said...

Amazing mini book Sam and inspirational to decorate the envelope to match. Must have taken ages to make them both

Love Chrissie xx

Deborah Wainwright said...

Wow Sam this book is fabulous love it you clever thing xxx

craftytrog said...

This book looks amazing Sam! It must be fun putting these characters together!
Love the envelope too!
Alison xxx

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

That is completely wonderful & gorgeous.

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