Thursday, 12 March 2015

Utah, Wyoming, Idaho & Montana

I thought I'd just share a few of our holiday photos with you.  Powder Mountain - Utah

Powder Mountain - Utah

Powder Mountain - Utah - meeting with a tree!

Powder Mountain  Utah with an old car in the creek which we've never seen before

Tetons - Wyoming

Targhee - Wyoming

Targhee - Wyoming

Our lovely room at Bucks T-4, Montana

And the upstairs lounge area

This was quite a steep and long run

Right at the very top of the mountain out of the tram - Liberty Bowl, Big Sky, MT

And on the way back, unbeknown to us, we went through Yellowstone

Whilst in there we saw 4 wild wolves, luckily on the other side of the creek

This is one of the snow coaches they use in the park, it needed gas!!

Then driving back through Idaho we saw a field of bison.  I've always wanted to see a bison, but this isn't quite what I had in mind!!

We drove back to Utah and a storm started

This was us going up the canyon to the resort

And further up the canyon road

Sun tried to poke through

Then it snowed some more

And eventually the following day, the sun came out

Snowbird, Mineral Basin - Utah

Snowbird, Mineral Basin, Book Ends - Utah

Top of Snowbird / Alta - Utah

Snowbird tram - Utah

Moon rising from out balcony

Full moon from hotel balcony - Sandy, Utah

And the craft purchases from Michaels, JoAnns and Hobby Lobby

Picked these up from Walmart when I went back for Lins beads

And picked these up from Hobby Lobby when I went back to get Chris a set of alphabet stamps for journalling

And Lin asked me to look out for some of this so she could make and re-make molds

A little purchase from Gap as I needed some new jeans

And from the Fossil shop a canvas satchel bag, a three tone leather handbag and a green belt

And finally, I know I really shouldn't encourage her, but

It just had Emmas name on it.

Sorry it was a bit photo heavy, but hoped you liked some of the photos from my holiday.


craftimamma said...

Fab photos Sam. Loved your purchases and agree the last one defo had Emma's name on. I'm more of a Fossil girl myself, lol!

Lesley Xx

Helen said...

what great photos! love the sun rising over the mountains;
Gorgeous shopping and you got some great bargains to boot!

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Fantastic photos Sam, I love the one of the full moon over the mountains. And you certainly got some terrific bargains too. I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday.

massofhair said...

Fab pictures Sam! The wolves are a fantastic capture. Am loving the snow coach, would love to drive that lol.

Glad you both had a fab time, thanks for sharing:-) xxx

chrissies said...

Lovely to have you back Sam and thank you for showing us the wonderful places you visited.

Love Chrissie xx

hazel said...

Welcome back Sam, thank you for sharing your beautiful photos with us.
xxx Hazel.

Sandy said...

What a holiday Sam - you were all over the place. And you got some shopping done too! What great pictures and I really enjoyed them. Sorry I have not been around for a while - we are packing for a move to another state. We are downsizing and it is exhausting to think what we should keep or give away!! I probably won't be posting again until next fall but I will be visiting your blog. I will not be commenting a lot but I will be watching. You lucky lady and all your travels!!!!!
Sandy xx

Sue said...

Wow Sam, it looks like a great holiday (and fab shopping too) xx

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