Saturday, 28 March 2015

Scrapbook Pages - Holiday 2015

Just to let you know that these pages are all extremely plain and simple, and most photos are just matt and layered and placed on a 12 x 12 piece of card with a few stickers thrown in, but that's just how I wanted them to be as I like the photos to be the main focus. So this is the front page with the abbreviations of the states we visited.

And then our journey from Utah to Wyoming began and we also went through Idaho along the way.

We stopped over at a lovely place called Bucks T-4.

And skied at Big Sky, Montana.

Steep downhill pitch.

The top photo of this page is taken from the highest point we could get to via the tram.

And opposite is another resort owned by a private ski club!!

Then on the way back down to Wyoming, we didn't realise until we went past the sign, that we actually dipped into Yellowstone, so we went back to get a photo!! Below is one of the snow coaches that take visitors around the park in winter.

I've always wanted to see a Bison or it's other name, a buffalo, and as we were coming back through Idaho, we found a whole herd of them in a field. Not quite what I was expected as I wanted to see a wild one, but this was good enough for now!! And when we were back in Utah the deer came on the front of the B&B we were staying in.

Whilst still in Yellowstone I saw a wolf and when we pulled into a layby he was just joining his 3 mates. You probably can't see on the bottom photo, but there are 4 wild wolves there, glad the water was between us!!

Then we stopped off for a ski in Targhee before heading back to Utah.

Next we hit Powder Mountain, except this year, there wasn't much powder, in fact the snow depth was extremely low because in all our years of going we have never ever seen the car in the creek!!

And finally the snow came!! Only 4 x 4's or chains were allowed up the canyon.

And the next day was a blue sky day, so we went to Snowbird.

And so did everyone else, I'm not sure if you can see the queue's at the lift in the top photo.

And we took a trip up the cable car and took a photo of it one the way down.

And finally the full moon rising from out balcony.

Thanks for looking xx


Helen said...

they look great with the simple treatment! seems a long time ago you were there, already!

Marianne said...

Looks like you had a good time! Encountering wolves....not my idea either, but you are fine and back home again. Lovely pictures and I like the layouts!

Amanda said...

Look like a fab holiday and some great pages for all those memories.
Amanda x

chrissies said...

What amazing pages Sam and what a wonderful scrapbook they will make.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful holiday

Love Chrissie xx

Corrie Herriman said...

Looks like you had a great time ! Now you have some lovely memories to look at again and again !
Corrie x

massofhair said...

Fab memory pages Sam:-) xxx

Sue said...

Looks like a fab holiday Sam, and these are great pages xx

craftimamma said...

Love your scrap pages Sam and perfect for showcasing your photos. How exciting to see the wolves and the bison (even if that was in a field, lol). He posed perfectly for you! I still can't work out how that snow bus thingy moves Ha! ha! Lovely record of your fab and accident free holiday.

Lesley Xx

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