Sunday, 11 January 2015

Media Paints & Deli Paper

I decided to play with a few of my new Decoart media paints which are just lush, the colours are so vibrant and a little really does go a long way.

I randomly added drops of the green and the red onto a piece of deli paper and using a credit card, scraped the paint across to create the above.

For this one I used Magenta (pink - yikes) and orange and I actually think they work lovely together. As you can see, these colours seemed to spread better or I might of put a bit more on.

And for this one I used the purple which is absolutely gorgeous and the silver.

And this one, hansa yellow and blue but as we know blue and yellow make green so where they've mixed I've got green.

And finally teal and green gold.

I cut them down into squares and made envelopes and matching note cards using my envelope punch board.

So this is the whole set with the note card tucked in.

And this is the front, love how the stripes have come out.

PaperArtsy have a challenge theme of fragile papers.


Helen said...

very pretty!

Lin said...

excellent Sam xxx

Ruth said...

Wonderful idea, fabulous set of notecards, deli paper is perfect for this. Ruth x

chrissies said...

What a fantastic idea Sam and the colours are just amazing

Love Chrissie

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

Those colours are gorgeous & your notecards & envelopes look great.

Julie Ann Lee said...

Wonderful, vivid colours! I love your notecards and envelopes, Sam! xx

massofhair said...

Yummy colours Sam and some very vibrant cards and envelopes :-) xxx

Julia S-W said...

This is a really great idea Sam. The colours are gorgeous and love that the envelopes match! xx

Sue said...

Love the bright colours here Sam x

PaperArtsy Rubber Stamps said...

Amazing what you can do with a piece of deli paper.

Trish said...

Such great bright colours, and a wonderful set!

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