Saturday, 25 October 2014

Media Mister Play

Well I got 3 of the new DecoArt Media Misters from That's Crafty with the voucher Lin kindly sent me for my birthday. I went for orange, primary cyan and primary magenta, or pink to you lot!!!
Now I have to tell you that me and sprays just do not get on, but I thought I'd give them a go and as you can see from my first attempt, I've not got any better with them - lol.

Second attempt, still rubbish - lol. I seem to get either too much or too little in the one place!!

And of course I had loads of product where I'd missed the paper, so I swiped it all up with this one!!

So then I decided to spray directly onto the craft mat, added water and then the playing began, much more comfortable with this.

And I got a second one from it too.

And I added more water and this is the third but it's a bit more washed out.

Did more or less the same with this tag. Love how the orange and blue mixed to make a green too.

This tag was totally pink to start with then I picked up the blue and orange after it had dried.


Helen said...

love the "mop up" ones, I think Lin's right you need a firm spray action (something I too have trouble mastering!)for even coverage. hope it won't put you off trying more.

Deborah Wainwright said...

love your mop ups Sam colours look really fab. i think spraying is trial and error well i know it is for me happy accidents and good bases for something else, nothing wasted lol. did you like them? nice that they are permanent. xxxx

Sid said...

Some great effects with your various techniques Sam !!

massofhair said...

I find that having a spray booth (cardboard box) works well for me as it keeps the area where spray under control and doesn't go everywhere. I will be using mine this way when they arrive especially as they are permanent and could stain items i don't want them to.

Loving the mop ups, they are wonderful but i do like your spray backgrounds too. Good we don't all like the same :-) xxx

craftytrog said...

Great mop ups Sam! You could also try misting your card with water before using the colours, that might help.
Alison xxx

craftimamma said...

I think you got some good bases to use here Sam but I do love the muted mop ups. I have enough unused sprays to open a shop so not even going to look at any others, lol!

Lesley Xx

chrissies said...

You certainly got along with these misters Sam all of the backgrounds look terrific.

Love Chrissie x

Ruth said...

Fabulous backgrounds Sam...once you got to know the misters! Ruth x

Kirsten Alicia Sheridan said...

I love them all, they're fab.

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