Thursday, 6 March 2014

More Tags

So again with my limited supplies I created this background using 2 colours of paint, olive green and yellow applied with a plastic breakfast knife!!

Stamped the circle swirls in white paint, added black dots. Stamped the other images in black dye ink and edged in black paint. 

Again paint applied with the breakfast knife, this time I used the yellow and blue and the overlap created the green.

As I quite like the background, I didn't want to cover too much of it up. I stamped the hexagons in white paint and stamped the word and film strip in black dye ink.

Colours are a bit weird as the light in the hotel room isn't fantastic.


Sandy said...

sandy xx

butterfly said...

Plastic breakfast knives, eh? I expect they'll be the next big thing... Love the white hexagon stamping as well as the backgrounds.
Alison x

Marianne said...

Great tags!!

Julie Ann Lee said...

This is impressive Sam. I love the stamping with the white paint and how you created a third colour with those you have! I don't think I could create anything like this with a plastic breakfast knife in a hotel. Seeing as I manage to cover everything in paint wherever I craft, I'd be a little bit too worried I'd end up with a massive bill for removing acrylics from hotel linen! Well done you! Julie Ann xxx

Lin said...

Love the tags Sam..doing very well on limited supplies lol!! And you have Gelatos!!! not jeaolous much!! lol xx

Anonymous said...

Terrific tags, love the second one.

craftimamma said...

Your tags would be great if you'd created them at home but in a hotel room with such limited supplies they are stupendous! Seriously, I love them both especially how textured they both look having used the plastic knife. Well done on such fab improvisation.

Lesley Xx

Helen said...

Can't believe how you've done with such limited supplies - so you won't need all your gorgeous stash when you get home... just a few tags and a couple of plastic knives!! The tags look great.

chrissies said...

Brilliant. Must start saving the plastic knives as the backgrounds look terrific how you have applied the paint.

Hope your injury is getting better

Love Chrissie

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