Tuesday, 18 March 2014

More Gelli Prints

Using a stencil and foam stamps

A pallet knife and a lid

A foam stamp that I'd made previously

A wedge in a criss cross pattern

A stencil

A wedge and bubble wrap

A stencil

A stencil and fun foam textile plates

A stencil, fun foam texture plates, and a lid

And a mop up with a couple of kraft tags.

I need to go back into them and do some pen work or some stamping or both!!


Alison said...

Glad you finally opened up your Gelli Plate Sam...you got some amazing prints! Addictive isn't it?!

Amanda said...

Looks like you're having fun, enjoy I love mine
Amanda x

Sid said...

Some fab finishes here !!

chrissies said...

Enough backgrounds to keep you busy for a year Sam-well me a year, you a few days lol. They are all amazing

Love Chrissie x

Anonymous said...

Very cool!

craftimamma said...

More fab prints Sam!

Lesley Xx

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