Sunday, 23 March 2014

Gelatos & Portfolio Pastels

Gelatos have been used on the left and Portfolio Pastels on the right on the first four photos.

However, I did use different types of paper for each one.

For some reason I only picked up 2 greens in the Gelatos whilst I was on holiday, hence the different colour combos.

Each acts differently on the different papers, but I think both products blend really well.

I used black versafine ink to stamp the images.

Added some pen work to the main image and the row of flowers along with some gems.

Again I stamped in black versafine ink. The Dina Wakley images on the water colour card didn't stamp that well. I used my black smudgy pencil to the circles on the butterfly background which was the Portfolio Pastels.

I tried to use the same smudgy black pencil on the right of these two which used the Gelatos and it wouldn't write!!!

In my opinion, and it is only my opinion, I have no preference over the two products, one is better for one thing than the other and visa versa, but the type paper/card has a lot to do with how they perform too!!  And some colours tend to blend better than others.

All I've played with so far is backgrounds, still got loads more stuff to try out from the techniques book that came with one of the sets!!


Helen said...

To my eye, through the screen, the results look remarkably similar but looks like you had fun comparing and contrasting these! I do like the blue/purple ones (nearly said pink there but...)

Lin said...

Great post Sam..they do look the same don't they but like you say it depends on the paper too. Will reserve judgment until I have some Geletos lol!! Can't wait to see what else you come up with xxx

Deborah said...

I was wondering how gelatos compared with portfolio pastels (which I have) and now, thanks to you Sam, I know there's not much in it. Cheers m'dear!

craftytrog said...

Interesting to see how they compare Sam

Sandy said...

Wonderful Sam! All of your experiments are fun to watch and helps me a ton.
Sandy xx

Deborah Wainwright said...

Great contrast Sam I really like the colours you chose. I find the portfolios more waxy than Gelatos but very similar in colours xx

Sid said...

Brilliant samples Sam !

Anonymous said...

They look fantastic Sam, gorgeous colour combinations.

chrissies said...

Always like to see your comparison posts Sam. The designs on each of these are beautiful

Love Chrissie x

craftimamma said...

These are all wonderful Sam. The colours look beautiful on all of them. I have either Portfolios or Gelatos on my shopping list for AP.

Lesley Xx

Sue said...

These look great Sam, I've been looking at the Gelato's but have resisted as I've got lots of different colouring mediums. Thanks for showing us your comparisons x

hazel said...

Wonderful samples Sam - I have Portfolios and have tried the Gelatos, I decided there wasn't much between them so didn't rush out to buy the Gelatos.
xxx Hazel.

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