Friday, 26 April 2013

Are You Feeling Comfy?

This was Fraz earlier today, think he's rather chilled out and comfy!!

He loves draping himself right near the edge of the bed!!

Then later on he ventured out into the garden and found his stick.

His beard looks scruffy as he finished of my strawberry milkshake - lol.


downrightcrafty said...

oh he is just enjoying himself to the full isn't he
Hugs Kate xx

Carol Q said...

he's gorgeous.

butterfly said...

Took me a while to work out which way up he was!! What a fantastic photo!!
Alison x

Lin said...

lol look at him he is gorgeous..!!!

chrissies said...

He does looked chilled for sure.

Thanks for sharing the pics Sam

Love Chrissie xx

Julia S-W said...

Great photo Sam! I love how animals can fall asleep in the strangest positions, just letting it all hang out. . . . . .!!!
He's lovely.

Marianne said...

Oh how cute... thanks for sharing this lovely photo's from Fraz. It looks like he's having a great time!!
xxx Marianne

Sue said...

What a life eh - he's definitely chilled! xx

Anonymous said...

haha .. if one doesn't know it's a dog, it might be a fringy blanket as well *lol*. at least, this was my first impression ... so cute! he obviously feels very comfortable
best wishes, serafeena

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