Sunday, 16 December 2012

A Dreamy Tag

I mixed puff paint with texture paste and fed the mixture through a stencil and heated it so it puffed.

I painted the tag with claret, autumn fire, london bus and smoked paprika and accented it with renaissance treasure gold. I stamped a script with black stazon.  I used one of the Darkroom Door stamps I picked up for a bargain at the weekend.  Although I was slightly stunned at how they arrive, ie for the amount of money they usually are I thought they would come cut and mounted, but they don't, they come unmounted in a slab!! I wasn't impressed!!

Unfortunately the treasure gold doesn't show up very well in the photo, I don't know why as there is loads on there!!!


Helen said...

Great tag, Sam. I have to say, I am totally with you about the DD stamps - I too, for that money would expect them at least trimmed - seems to me you are just paying for a tin! However, I do love some of the images...
Have a good day!

Minxy said...

super tag, love the texture

Burnice said...

Err - do I see pink! Loving it Sam. I think I need to spend some time with you, just so I can stamp out loads of images and play with your paints and puff stuff etc!!!
Burnice x

sam21ski said...

Burn -

Errrmmm....No there is NO PINK!!

You are most welcome any time my dear.

Sam xxx

happyDiane said...

a stunning tag! Must try that technique with the puff paint soon.

Paula Whittaker said...

great texture and colour

Marianne said...

Nice background and thanks for the photo of how it all started. Love the fibers you used on the tag to complete it and the stamp is lovely too!

butterfly said...

Love your tag, Sam... on your advice I did get some puff paint, but haven't played with it yet - this makes me want to!! The colours are gorgeous, fabulous trimmings, and the stamp image is amazing. The only DD stamps I have I bought second hand so they were already mounted... glad you at least had yours at a bargain price, or you'd have been even less impressed!!
Alison xx
(Oh, and yes... photographed in a tree - many recent projects have been - with the sun so low in the sky, it's almost the only place to catch it in the afternoon!!)

Chris said...

Fabulous tag, Sam. Love the textured background - and yes, it looks pink on my screen too lol xx

sam21ski said...

Oh Chris, don't you start on me too!!!


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