Sunday, 12 June 2011

Texture Fades Mini Book

I'm on a roll with mini books!!  I used t!m's on the edge file tabs die for the inner pages.  I used crackle paint on the cogs and went back in with a black dabber to get into the cracks.

I used a mixture of distress inks, acrylic dabbers and eco-friendly paints to colour the pages.

I am keeping this as a sample book as the pages looked too good to cover up!!!!


Zoechaos said...

On a roll indeed, love the textures and the ways you have used paint to highlight the embossing.

Its going to be a very wet day today, am staying at home Jean & I will meet up and go another day LOL


Beccy said...

hi Hun

Just love this, can see why you dont want to cover it up. Really like the woodgrain page.

So glad you agree that I need the stains, it all helps to convince OH that its totally necessary.

Take care.

Beccy x

Von said...

Looking good Sam and I see you wasted no time in getting the sun burst fade lol good for you
Von x

Alison said...

Yummy grungyness! xx

downrightcrafty said...

not surprised you are keeping it as a sample book and how did I miss this stunning creation
Kate x

Sid said...

Fab little mini-book !!

Deborah said...

This looks amazing! Can see why you don't want to gild the lily, so to speak.

Neet said...

Love the texture you have within this book and the paints you have used to colour. Not surprised you are keeping this for yourself.

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