Sunday, 13 June 2010

Layering Fabric, Ribbon and Fibres

I decided to have another try at creating a background using fibres, ribbons and strips of fabric.  This time I chose more bold colours.

I fused some Angelina fibres.

Laid them on top and fused them to the fabric and fibres.

I think this time I am going to leave the piece as a whole and as someone suggested with the purply one, create a wall hanging.


craftytrog said...

This is wonderful Sam! A piece of art in itself! xx

Cath Wilson said...

Really enjoying your experiments, Sam! I can tell you're having fun. If you have a minute, please check my blog - there's an award waiting for you there. Didn't know your email address, so couldn't let you know any other way - sorry.

crafty creations said...

Great piece of artwork Sam x Hilda

Burnice said...

This is absolutely beautiful. Burn loves this very much !!!! Seriously your experimenting is coming along great Sam.
Burnice x

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