Saturday, 19 June 2010

Bleaching Felt

I've been playing with bleach, felt and stencils today.  I know this is hard to see as it wasn't the best colour of felt to use.

I hi-lited the hearts with a gold leaf pen.

It shows up better on the brown felt.

I used a white paint pen to hi-light some of the hearts.

This came out quite well on the lime green.  Unfortunately I don't own any decent stencils - yet!!!!

I hi-lited the petals with a black sharpie pen.

And lastly, an orange one, again hi-lited with a black sharpie pen, but I decided it do the little flowers around the edges too.


Zoechaos said...

This looks like great fun think I like the orange one best its the bright colour probably nice and loud...... LOL xx Zoe

Sid said...

Quite a nice effect some look much better than others, because of the colour variations !

Deborah said...

Something else to do with felt - tres cool! I love the brown one.

Chris said...

Love how your bleaching turned out, Sam.

peggy gatto said...

Fascinating idea!!! I love the effect!

crafty creations said...

Great work Sam - love how they all turned out

x Hilda

Angelnorth said...

Fun stuff, love the brown and orange ones in particular. Have you tried stamps rather than stencils? It would have to be bold ones I guess but I reckon the foam ones in your last post would do the trick!

Femmy said...

great works!! love how the colours turned out!!

Neet said...

Never seen this done before. Endless possibilities. Love what you have done and look forward to seeing more.

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