Sunday, 31 May 2009

Water Colouring Experience (One Time Only!!!)

Went to a water colouring with distressed re-inkers workshop today at Norburn's, one of our local craft centres. After hearing reports from other people who went yesterday and the long list of 'things' we had to take, also seeing the image and the colours we were going to be using, I have to say that I really wasn't looking forward to it. But now having been and survived it wasn't even half as bad as I was expecting.

Our group, left to right, Kate, Polly, Maz (no blog yet, in the process of being sorted) & Sue, started off by making our card.

I just love Kate's expression on this one, I'm sure she will kill me for this, and I only met her today!!!!

Maz and Sue pondering on what to do next

Now just look at these colours, patterns, flowers etc. The green is ok but oh no, not pink and flowery, my worst nightmare!!!!!!! But I managed to contain myself and did a bit of matting and layering and inking the edges. Sue tied my bow as it's not the sort of thing I'm used to!!!!

We then swapped rooms with the group next door and moved on to the actual water colouring of the main image. I was rubbish at it and to tell you the truth didn't have a bloody clue what I was doing!! We had a practise one and a 'real' one, but I only managed to get up enough enthusiasm to do one, after being told my water brush was no good - lol!!! But Maz lent me a lovely pink paint brush to play with - photo to follow when I've pinched it off Sue!!!!

Anyway, when I got home I cut out my one and only coloured in image and placed it over the 'proper' one. I placed all the bits where I sort of thought I'd put them (nothing is glued down and probably never will be!!). We also got brads and charms and chain, but I think I'll use them on something else!!! I quite like her trousers though, but I think that's probably because they are green - lol

Although I thought it was a bit steep at £25 we did get these goodies in our packs, and the book of Basic Grey papers is lurvley. This little lot total about £12, so not too bad in the end.

Anyway I can now say that I've been, I've done it and we'll leave it at that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ARTful Wings said...

Me and Steve are just so laughing here - not just because of the lurvely face Kate is pulling!! (you're right - she will kill you) but the fact that you have just laid everything on the card without sticking it down!!! You're priceless!!! Enjoyed the day even though you didn't kick off like Steve wanted you to!! See you soon lovie xx

LazyKay said...

Well you've made a better effort than I did yesterday I must say and I do like your end result, albeit unfinished.

I take it you won't be doing zillions of these then?


Ang C said...

Looks like you had an interesting day Sam, the final layout of the card looks fab!!!!!

lottie said...

I am just envious of all of you who have workshops in their areas.

Sounds like it was worth the money just to meet such lovely people and have such a good laugh!

Sue Abbott said...

Well Sam, What can I say! I think the cards are really nice, and yes, I will be using the technique again to at least experiment. I agree with you about the goody bag and papers, I have already got the 12" papers in my stash as I love them. I'll try to send you the photos, maybe tomorrow as we've just got back forom Gina's.
Sue x

barbara (AKA Bee) said...

Not your cup of tea then Sam ...LOL..., well never mind, at least you tried it before you decided it wasn't for you. Let's make sure we get up to Harrogate for another fix soon. By the way, I've sorted my blogg out now, go have another look at my shooos, I had a fab messy play making them.

Joy said...

Love your piccies and think your card looks great even if nothing is stuck down xx

downrightcrafty said...

Well what can I say mate - I pissed myself laughing, I know I swore quite a bit and made several mistakes I believe that the best part of the day was in seeing THAT luverlyyyyyyyyyyyy photo. Will in future make sure that I do not look so frustrated next time you have your camera about xx
(Polly - will kill her off next time)

Chris said...

Just picked myself up off the floor Sam. Soooooooo wish I'd been there. ROFL

Ellen said...

yikes, just up your ( and my) street what a p..k invasion and cuties to boot.
I feel for you suffering there, thank goodness your sense of humor prevailed.

I expected a real painting done like watercolours

have fun with your goodies you know you can colour those p.nk beads with alcohol ink.

Lorraine said...

well it looks as if it was nice company and the goody bag was OK so not too bad in the end..enjoyed reading about it though

Anonymous said...

Good for you attempting such a thing! I prefer to cheat, and stamp on patterned paper! Lol!

Angelnorth said...

Hmmm, not really "you" but I hope you learned something useful in the process, even if it was only that the technique is not up your street, either! Looks like you had fun though and that's the main thing!

Dylan said...

well, what can I say..?? Hope you dont want something like this next time you come to mine..pmsl xx

Ruth aka alteredgeisha said...

Classic!!!!! Yours is the best and most honest post about the day I have read!!!
I am surprised blogspot even accepted your photo for uploading!! Don't they have know pink, frilly and lacy.......he he.
Actually I wish I had gone if not for the card making but at least the company looked top quality!!
Love Ruth xxx

Lil Sis said...

Oh Sam - you are funny hun, would have loved to have been there just to see your face. personally I love the card and all the pretty flowers and yep the pink, Oh my god I never realised before but Im actually quite girly.
Your one attempt at the watercolouring looks great and i'm sure you will
be able to utilise want you learnt in other projects.

Hugs Beccy xx

Have a good weekend

Minx said...

Well i think you did a grand job, although yes it is a tad too chinch flowery for me, but the image looks beautifully coloured, i must give my re-inkers a try.. thanks for sharing the experiance,its all about the learning, coz if we dont try we'll never know! x

Sue said...

So have you confirmed your booking for next year? Where are you in the photo's Sam, are you the laydeee in the pink dress??

(had to check back then that there wasn't a lady in a pink dress lol)

mommabear said...

I love the layout I think you should make it perminant its fabulous Sam

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