Thursday, 14 May 2009

Been Playing Again!!!

I've been playing courtesy of Lorraine at UkStampers. I wanted some 'Lutradur' but couldn't find any in small quantities, so she suggested that I try tumble dryer sheets instead, so I did. I bought the cheapest ones I could find, 94p from Asda.
I then used my new craft tool to burn shapes and patterns into it. Obviously this is just a practise piece to see what happened, how much pressure to apply etc. As you can see, some bits I managed to burn!!!
I then sprayed with sheet with watered down distressed re-inkers

I will get around to doing a proper one, one day!!!!


Ang C said...

Lovely doodles - never heard of Lutrador though :)

Lil Sis said...

Nope I dont know what they are either!!!!!!!!!!

Burning the tumble dryer sheets is clever i'm amazed they didnt all burn.

Hugs Beccy x

sam21ski said...

No Beccy as you can see, they didn't burn totally, but I did do something very silly, being impatient and all that. I only got my heat gun out to try and speed up the drying after I'd applied the colour, that kind of shrivelled a bit!!!!!

LazyKay said...

This looks interesting, I love to see the things you do and how different the techniques are - inspiring.


Anonymous said...


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