Sunday, 14 January 2018

Indian Runner Duck

The body and legs have been made by sculpting toy filling to form the core.

I used my slicker brushes for the first time as I had a bright orange and a bright yellow but neither were the right colour, so I blended them together to create the beak and cover the feet and legs. I used a NZ carded batt in apricot colour for the main body. (All from the Felt Box.)

Next I added an eye in black.

And then the other side and his nostrils.

And I thought I'd finished but it was missing something and then I realised I'd not put the white bit in his eye.

And the white bit in the other eye too.

And now he's finished. 

He is a gift for my mum who loves ducks. She did say she didn't want any more, but hopefully she will accept this one.

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