Saturday, 16 January 2016

Stone Art Workshop with Allison

Today, me, Chris, Emma, Lesley and Lin all went over to Nottingham to take a Powertex class with Allison. This is her showing us some of the things you can do with the Stone Art product.

Lesley and Emma listening intently. Hmmm...... can I do this?

And Chris and Lin on the other side of the table.

And Allison telling us how she created this piece.

This is a close up of the above piece, fab isn't it.

Then I stopped her in her tracks as she was explaining about the plaster figures, I needed a team photo!

We then set to and created our shapes. I had a circle, so had to cut the middle out, which made snow!!

Allison then showed us how to use the Stone Art product.

And then explaining what she's doing and how the get the stone effect.

Me getting a close up of what is going on!

Then she showed us the different effects that the different colours created.

Then before we knew it, it was lunch time. We were all eating and Lesley was just adding a few more touches.

Then we did a bit more and it soon became afternoon tea break and cake time.

It's Lin, Emma and Chris's birthdays all within a week of each other at the end of January, so we had birthday cake and candles. 

Then back to it, Lesley and Emma titivating Lesley's fabric.

Ooooh look, it's now snowing on Emma too - hehehehe!!

This is Emma's WIP, she came to a bit of a standstill as she was waiting for her budda to set.

This one is Lin's WIP, she chose a circle too.

This one is Chris's WIP. Chris hadn't seen these products before, but absolutely loved it.

This is Allison's test piece, she showed us loads of techniques and was very happy to share her knowledge.

This is Lesley's WIP, she put some stencilling on hers too.

And finally, this one is mine.

And this is us more or less finishing up. We didn't half make a mess, so out came the hoover!! I hope we are allowed back at a later date as we had such a wonderful day and Allison is absolutely lovely. I did pre-warn her what we were like before we booked!!

We had a group photo before we all left for home.

And this is my finished piece.

A close up of the lace with the bister and coloured pigments.

Should you wish to take a class with her, and I highly recommend that you do, you can contact her at


Helen said...

if you go again I'm definitely coming! love everyone's pieces - look forward to seeing yours when you get to take a pic!

Lin said...

oh great post Sam which just about sums up a fantastic day..loved every minute!! My parting words o Alison were 'We'll be back' lol xxx

craftimamma said...

What a lovely blog post Sam! It was a really fab day with plenty of laughter, lots to learn and all of us brought home a fab piece of art. You're right Alison was lovely and I do hope she allows us back, lol!. What are you like forgetting to take a pic of your own smashing design....I've got a cheek haven't I who never gets time to take pics, lol!

Lesley Xx

chrissie said...

Looks like a fantastic class for you Sam and I am loving that you are doing such diverse things and sharing them with us

p.s. Can't see the writing on your blog on anything but my laptop. I think this happened before on your blog and a friend changed your base colour. It has been fine for me so far but only have my phone with me for over a week and it all just shows up white on that

Chrissie xx

craftytrog said...

Fabulous pieces! Looks like you all had a great day! xx

Anjas-Artefaktotum said...

I can see you had great fun and fantastic results!
Hugs Anja

Kirsten said...

Wow! Fantastic pieces!! Glad you all had such a fun day.

Sandy said...

Oh my - I do envy you the classes you and your friends get to go to together.
Sandy xx

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