Monday, 26 October 2015

More Birthday Gifts

When I arrived home I'd got a birthday card from Hazel H and Julie Ann and the bottom on is from Lin, she brought it with her.

And more presents, these are from Lin. This book is fabulous, and she got the charms at the Art Store in Glasgow on the Friday and we went back on Saturday as I'd missed out and she got me the sepia outliner pens and the graphite pencil which I've been after for a while - thanks Lin.

And Helen had brought the chipboard pieces with her and at the show bought me the bronze powertex and the ceramic face to use with it - thanks Helen.

And this is what I bought with my birthday money, beads, bead caps, charms and waxed thread.

Rice paper, pallet knives, mini bottles, fibres and powertex ceramic skulls and gates.

Wooden mini cotton reels, mini cogs, leaves and a mini box, metal buttons, sticky tape on a dispenser, ribbon on a roll, a fab wooden face stamp and a piece of leather off cut.

And finally got smitten with the powertex and the 3d flex which there is a story too, to find out what it was, pop over to Helens blog.

I also have the industrial set of Andy Skinner chipboard on order and I need to go to our local haberdashery shop to pick up some 'stuff' to use with the powertex and then I'll of spent up!!


Helen said...

Love all your things, lets hope we all use the powertex soon... I came across a tshirt when I put the suitcase "away" earlier... that'll do nicely!

Sid said...

What a lot you got Sam !

Karen Petitt said...

I have heard of some of these but not seen a lot of them. Looking forward to seeing what you create with them Sam because I know it will be good. Looks like you all had a fabulous time too Karen x

butterfly said...

What great gifts and cards! Helen's already warned me to look out for the Powertex at the NEC later this week... looking forward to seeing it in action there and here.
Alison xx

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