Monday 13 July 2015

James Sharp Workshop - Day 2

Day 2 and we were focusing on Lynne Perrella and Teesha Moore techniques.

James was having heart failure trying to control the 6 of us - hehehehe!!!

This is one of the techniques they use, random squares and punched shapes and pieces of fibers just randomly placed. Funnily enough, this was Martins favourite page!!

This next technique was my favourite page. The idea was to blend images into the images on the background so you can't see which is which and instead of it being two, it all became one.

Again, we had a bit of a tidy up and moved on to our next technique.

I know it's hard to believe from this double spread, but there are actually 4 different copies of photos on this page. The idea is to cut out extra heads to disguise where they join. I'm really pleased how mine came out. Using pastel crayons we hi-lighted various heads.

James demoing the next part of the process.

Chris hi-lighting her heads.

This is Lin's page.

This is my page with the copper and red wash over it. Tried to do drippage but the page was too wet.

Another regular boarder page, this time from magazine pieces.

Everyone creating their borders from magazine bits.

Then we made people using different body parts and accessories and again, I was dared to write in the leftover space.

We also created an irregular border and had to incorporate an image in one of the corners using it to create the border. Added another image and some more writing.

Then we were given the choice of some Teesha and LP papers to put in our books to hide the covers as James had very kindly made us all a cover to put our books in.

This is the back page. The left hand page was just for us to add random images as we went along.

This is the front cover which is all fabric.

And this is the back cover, again all fabric.

And the show and tell, James, Helen, Em, Lin, Chris and Linda.

And I lifted this one of all of us off James's blog post.

Thanks everyone for a lovely, fun filled weekend.

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Helen said...

it was such fun, took me right out of my comfort zone with the magazine cutting and the writing.. but I'll probably do more of it now!

Hazel Agnew said...

It looks so interesting Sam! Would have loved to join you as in my area! Maybe another time! The different techniques look as though you could adapt them forever! Great stuff! X

craftimamma said...

Well done on all that writing! I think I would have been so far out of my comfort zone I would have been miserable, lol! The company and view would have been nice though ;-)!

Lesley XX

Kirsten said...

Fantastic pages from everyone, glad you all gad fun.

chrissie said...

Fantastic art ideas Sam and I am sure you will be putting them in to practice soon. I can'r wait to see what else you make in the styles you learnt over the weekend

Love Chrissie xx

hazel said...

What fabulous workshops, some great techniques.
xxx Hazel.

Corrie Herriman said...

Great art journals were created by you all.. Especially love the 'building' of the people with different parts.
Corrie x

Claire said...

Looks like you had a great weekend and learnt some lovely techniques X

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