Monday 13 July 2015

James Sharp Workshop - Day 1

This is us, from left to right, Chris, Linda, Helen, James, Emma, Lin and I was sat on the end. We are alfesco at James's workshop in the Peak District.

Then we got going. We had to choose one image and stamp it at least 50 times on lots of different backgrounds, along with a whole range of other stamps.

The shop and stamps that were for sale.

This is a view from the garden side.

And more of the shop, this side were the journals and aprons.

The tables soon got into a mess!!

This is what we'd done so far. We were simply sampling on different background papers and making a sampler page in our journal books.

My work space, look at all those wooden stamps!!!

My sampler page. We used different backgrounds mostly on shiny papers.

Then we had a bit of a clear up to start on the fabric printing.

Linda and Helen.

Emma and Lin.

James passing down more pieces of fabric.

Helen had been round the gardens taking some photos and Linda, Chris and Lin were shopping.

More shopping, Helen has her basket which is overflowing - hehehehe!!!

So this was the reason for the 50 images, to create an Andy Warhol style double spread.

The girls and James finishing off their Andy pages.

Chris assembling her Andy page.

Lin and her pages.

Linda and her pages, although she was a few short - lol.

Helen and her finished pages.

Em and her nearly finished her pages.

Adding the final touches.

And James and his double pages.

Then we moved on to creating borders with our stamped images.

This was the irregular border and then a row of images in the middle.

And the regular border with a collage of images, I just chose 3 to work with.

Everyone creating their borders.

Hard at work, but we were having great fun.

Em deciding what to do next.

Linda placing her border images.

Then I was dared to write in the spaces so I did. It still needs titivating, but in the main, it's done.

And more writing on this page. This page is full of where everyone was up to.

I think this is Em's page but I'm not entirely sure.

Sorry, can't remember who this one belongs to. Let me know so I can update please.

Let me know who's this is please!!

This one is Helen's as she started to do some writing.

This could also be Helen's irregular border pages.

And that was it for day 1. Day 2 to follow.


Helen said...

great pics Sam - and yes, the last two are mine. off to look at day 2 now!

craftimamma said...

Looks like you had a very busy day! I probably wouldn't have even got the 50 stamped images, lol! The venue looks beautiful!

Lesley Xx

Kirsten said...

Looks like you were all having a great time & what a fab venue.

chrissie said...

It all looks like a lot of fun Sam and wonderful 'toys' and playmates to enjoy the experience.

Thanks for sharing with us

Love Chrissie xx

Corrie Herriman said...

Looks like you had heaps of fun next to the heaps of stamps... The results look fab !
Corrie x

Corrie Herriman said...

Looks like you had heaps of fun next to the heaps of stamps... The results look fab !
Corrie x

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