Friday, 20 June 2014

Friends - Thank You

Look what I got through the post last week, a fantastic mail art envie.

And inside what lovely handmade artwork, an atc and a tag from my twitter friends Lin & Chris, neither of whom have a blog, but we are working on them to get one!!

And also they bought me this wonderful PTP stencil called dangles - thank you ladies, it is very much appreciated and has been used!!!


chrissies said...

Wonderful mail art for you Sam and great contents as well

Love Chrissie x

Lin said...

wow what a lovely surprise to get through he post!! Love that stencil!! have been eyeing it up on that's crafty lol xxx

Carol Q said...

doesn't get much better than that Sam! fab stencil.

Helen said...

Wow, how gorgeous is that stencil, not heard of those... what lovely gifts to receive.

butterfly said...

Oh - there are those fabulous dangles! What a lovely happy bit of mail art.
Alison xx

Anonymous said...

I NEED that stencil!! Wonderful happy mail, you definitely deserved it.

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