Monday, 30 June 2014

Andy Skinner Weekend - Day 2

We gave the book covers a very thin random coat of modeling paste, made marks in it and once dried gesso'd them. Painted them yellow and added the red, but by this time the yellow had dried so I used a very wet brush to blend it all together.

Randomly stamped script on the front, back and spine and stippled gesso through some stencils, front and back.

Once dry, painted over the gesso with the translucent yellow to tone it down. Next we were supposed to paint on interference colours but it made it way to blingy for me, so I missed that stage out. Then we edged the book in black ink, but I used paint. Finally coated the covers with some soft touch varnish to protect it. It does give it a lovely finish, I'd seriously recommend this product.

We covered a wooden heart with modeling paste, we were meant to use gesso, but we'd used it all the day before!! Using a paintbrush and straw we made marks in the paste and dried it with a heat gun. We dry brushed it with gesso again before creating our own mixes of colours to colour the outside panels. We used one colour for the middle and a mix of red and yellow in the middle and the clear crackle paint again. The white was added last using gesso and an embossing tool.

The heart was meant to go on the front of the book like this, but I've decided to keep them as two separate pieces.


Deborah said...

I like the book cover as it is too. Fab decorated heart though.

Julie Ann Lee said...

I think I would have done the same as you, Sam and kept the heart and book as two separate items. I love the Folk Art appearance of the heart and the notebook does look great and not in need of anything else really. Julie Ann xxx

Helen said...

I agree, I think the book looks best as it is.. do like the heart though. said...

The book cover looks great as it is. I LOVE the heart.

Lin said...

wow Sam some lovely stuff here!! agree with you that the heart doesn't need to go on the book. Love the colour of that book by the way..
Your heart is beautiful and the foam board thingy is great!! have often wondered what it's like to work with that stuff..looks like you had a very productive what's in that book!!! lol xxxx

craftimamma said...

Two more lovely projects. The book cover is my favourite and although your paint dried too quickly you did achieve a fab effect with your blending. I like the sound of that varnish so may have to invest!

Thanks for two detailed (I always read it all ;D) and informative posts Sam. Brilliant job!

Lesley Xx

Julia S-W said...

I LOVE that heart and would use it somewhere else too. The depth of detail on your book cover is wonderful. I guess someone else is now addicted to the Skinner techniques?!
Julia xx

massofhair said...

Were the book covers mdf or old books Sam?

Love the colours and textures of the covers and am so glad you love the soft touch varnish, it is a need in everyones stash lol.

Stunning Folk Art style heart, beautiful dots detail just adds that finishing touch. Glad you kept it seperate, an excellent decision.

Overall i love what you have created despite your reservations and issues with the new paints.

Am glad i managed to buy quite a few of the Media range colours and mediums. Saving for more:-) xxx

hazel said...

Fabulous projects Sam, I too love the book cover as it is and the heart is gorgeous.
xxx Hazel.

Alison said...

They look fabulous Sam, glad you enjoyed your weekend! xxx

Neet said...

Love that book cover and can see why you kept them as two separate pieces. I just love the skull and the ape to man part - is that a stencil too?
Obviously you and Emma enjoyed yourself and good to see you did it your way so you didn't end up exactly the same as others.
Hugs, Neet xx

Buttons said...

More amazing work here Sam. I can understand why you'd want to separate them. Jenny x

butterfly said...

Jeepers - it looks like fabulously inspiration weekend with Andy - love the book covers, and the heart is so fresh and funky!
Alison xx

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